Whidbey Island Workouts: CrossFit, Yoga, & Pilates Recommendations

You won’t struggle to find a highly rated gym to join on Whidbey Island, whether you’re looking for a personal trainer or a one-stop-shop with tons of classes and equipment. But if you’re looking to mix up your workout a bit, Whidbey Island is home to some other workout options that are sure to get your heart rate going!

Here you’ll find a quick look at CrossFit, yoga, and Pilates options on Whidbey Island:  

Yoga & Pilates

“Any type of yoga I've done at UnSizeMe has been amazing,” says Lauren L. “I always feel so much better walking out than I did when I came in.”

UnSizeMe in Oak Harbor is ready for yoga newbies and expert practitioners alike, and they’re well-known for their hot and warm yoga classes. According to their website, they offer a “nonjudgmental, uncompetitive, fun, loving environment” and a large selection of classes to choose from that you can check out here.

Another great Oak Harbor yoga option is Lotus Tea Bar & Studio. Not only can you take a variety of yoga classes, but the tea bar aspect of the business offers almost every type of tea you could think of, plus a mouthwatering selection of sandwiches, salads, and other dishes. Finish off a restorative yoga session with a healthy meal!

Half Moon Yoga in Langley is another popular choice, and they also offer everything from beginner classes to more advanced hot yoga sessions. Take a look at their schedule here! Good Balance Yoga in Coupeville is another yoga option, and drop-ins are welcome.

For both yoga and Pilates, The Studio Whidbey in Langley is a great choice for those who want a little of everything. You’ll find a Pilates and yoga fusion class, an Aerial Yoga class, private sessions, an infrared sauna, massage, age 50+ yoga, and other fun classes and offerings to try out. They even offer workshops and retreats with their next retreat being held in Paris in October 2019.

Shakti Yoga & Wellness in Langley is another popular choice, and this yoga studio offers massage and Reiki therapy, too. Click here for a closet look at each offering.


CrossFit is popular on Whidbey Island, and if you’ve been curious to try it out or want to continue your CrossFit journey, you’ll find some great gyms to try out.

CrossFit Amethyst is awesome,” shares Michael A. “They coach [you] through each class and every coach helps you in any level you are at. Also their classes are different hours and it works well with many different schedules.”

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, CrossFit Amethyst in Oak Harbor has something for you. Learn the ropes with their On-Ramp Program, enjoy their special age 60+ CrossFit Masters program, learn how to compete, or just continue developing your CrossFit skills! They even have classes for kids from Pre-K all the way up to teens.

Other great CrossFit spots include CrossFit Oak Harbor and South Island Crossfit in Langley (which also offers cycling classes).

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