Whidbey Island Ghost Stories: 3 Places Rumored to be Haunted

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it can be fun to tell a ghost story or two as All Hallows’ Eve approaches. And on Whidbey Island, you don’t have to travel far to check out some haunted houses for yourself—that is, if you believe the rumors!

Whether fact or fiction, these stories of supposedly haunted houses and places on Whidbey are all best read with the light on. ;)


Location: Colonel Walter Crockett House

Rumors: Built in the 1850s, it’s no wonder why this historic Whidbey home is rumored to be haunted. One of Colonel Crockett’s sons, Charles Crockett, committed suicide in the home in 1893, and apparently his blood still stains the floorboards where he ended his life. Over the years, the home has gone through several phases, falling to disrepair until the Whitlow family transformed it into a bed and breakfast in 1984.

Strange, unexplained movement has been observed by a guest in the room where Charles died, and Whitlows have their fair share of spooky stories as well. Random crashing glass, a hand-sized blood stain on a ceiling, and uncomfortable feelings are among some of their experiences.

Today, you can host events at the Historic Crockett Barn, and there are also 5 guestrooms. It’s nestled in a gorgeous, bucolic setting that’s not at all creepy… that is, until the sun goes down!


Location: Fort Casey

Rumors: Construction on Fort Casey began in the late 1800s, and this Whidbey attraction is the site of a long list of supposedly paranormal occurrences. The 1890-built Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Fort Casey is said to be haunted—although deactivated in the 1920s, the ghostly figure of a woman has been spotted at the top in recent years.

Throughout the rest of Fort Casey, people have reported hearing “a disembodied female voice,” scratching sounds, figures that disappear without a sound, and more. Something to keep in mind as you head to Fort Casey for their “Haunted Fort” event!


Location: The Navy Exchange Building on the Seaplane Base

Rumors: For years, people have reported unexplainable happenings at the Exchange that have been attributed to “the Lurker.” According to this article on the Whidbey News-Times website, a janitor had a man chase him up some scaffolding only to disappear. One of the other more notable happenings was reported by someone who worked in the children’s department—they claimed to find baby outfits laid out neatly on the floor when they arrived in the morning from time to time.


Whidbey Island is teeming with good old-fashioned ghost stories. You can find more Whidbey Island ghost stories here and here! Reddit also has a paranormal subreddit with a section just for Whidbey Island, too. Proceed with caution!

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