Whidbey Island Trick-or-Treating Guide

Looking to make some awesome memories and satisfy that serious sweet tooth this Halloween? Whidbey Island is home to some fantastic trick-or-treating experiences, and while my son and I have our own favorite spots, I asked to around to see where other people like to go trick-or-treating on Whidbey Island.

If you’re on the hunt for some prime people watching and full-sized candy bars… read on!

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Every year, we head to Fireside to trick-or-treat. The Fireside community in Oak Harbor is nestled right between Fort Nugent Road and Swantown Road and is next to the Whidbey Golf Club. There are homes here that not only have those coveted full-sized candy bars, but some even offer hot cocoa and games. (Thanks to Brian and Kristina for also recommending this neighborhood!)

After making our way through Fireside, we stop by Shannon Forest on our way home. These two Oak Harbor neighborhoods are just the right amount of Halloween fun for us. Shannon Forest is located just north of Fireside, and is the neighborhood that surrounds Ruth Cohen Park. (Thanks Brian and Tacey for this suggestion, too!)

Crosby Commons (thanks for the tip Kristina!) is another great choice, and this Oak Harbor neighborhood is just north of Oak Harbor High School and south of NW Crosby Ave. And Mandy recommends the Cherry Hill/Glen Neighborhood, just east of Living Word Oak Harbor. “There are a few people here that give out full-sized candy bars, hot cocoa and donuts!”

You could also head over to Pioneer in Oak Harbor for a “no tricks, safe treats” event! The event takes place from 5-7pm on Halloween, and there will be a costume contest, haunted school bus, and more!


Tacey highly recommends Pennington Loop in Coupeville, which is conveniently searchable via Google maps in case you’re unfamiliar. It’s not far from the waterfront, meaning you could grab dinner in Downtown Coupeville before heading out on the hunt for candy!

“The neighborhood behind the Coupeville Library is a great one!” says Amanda. “They give you full-size candy bars! And Admirals Cove is great because it’s so big, you can go for as long as you want to and not run out of houses.”


You can also go trick-or-treating in Downtown Langley on Halloween from 2:30-5:00pm. You could start the evening out here, grab dinner, and then trick-or-treat the rest of the evening away!

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